The Es Baluard Museu Laboratory of Art and Thought programme began in 2022, developed as a space for education and research, as a platform for ideas and a space for critical thinking in which to explore the potential of artistic practice and cultural production as mechanisms of intervention in social change.

The first edition featured the participation of a group of people who formed an active, participatory, dynamic, critical and plural community. Experts in different subjects shared their experience and knowledge with the group of participants, made up of artists, educators, activists, teaching professionals and people interested in the different topics. A sharing of knowledge that was not vertical and unilateral, but flowed in all directions and fostered exchange, discussion, work processes and collective reflection. The LAP opens its doors to people and communities so they can inhabit the museum, through dialogue, questioning and, especially, through collective construction.

The LAP came into being with a vocation for permanent activity, and also as a space in continuous review and exploration, strongly related to the contemporary cultural, social and political context, as well as the institutional need to constantly rethink itself. The second edition of the LAP has been designed through a process of listening and self-criticism, and is articulated through a more accessible and equally intense format, in terms of thinking, rethinking and understanding education and the exchange of knowledge as essential elements for social transformation.

Direction: Imma Prieto
Contents: Imma Prieto and Berta Sureda
Methodology and management: Eva Cifre and Berta Sureda
Coordination: Eva Cifre and Pilar Rubí