The ecosystem of art: its rules and codes. Contests and competitions, relations with galleries, institutions and professionals from the world of art on a national and international level

This course is the first module of the “Artista 360º” programme by Por & Para ( and is designed to familiarise artists and anybody who is considering devoting themselves to art as a profession with how the artistic ecosystem, its structure and the art market work.

This course will respond to the most frequent doubts artists have when developing their careers, such as what one should bear in mind when entering a contest, what should or can be negotiated with a gallery or other intermediary the first time they contact an artist, what are the customary conditions when a gallery owner decides to organise an exhibition by an artist or represent him or her at a national or international art fair, etc.
The customary practices of the sector will be dealt with, and attention will be paid to the points artists should take into account to prevent problems down the line in contests, awards and competitions they enter and also in their relations with galleries, public and private institutions and other agents from the sector, and when they sell or exhibit their works. Even though contracts are not awarded as often as is advisable, the most important aspects artists should be informed of when signing them if the case arises will also be dealt with, along with the steps they can take if there is no contract.
The following questions will be answered, among others:
What should I remember when entering a contest?
What happens if my work is returned to me damaged?
What happens if I win the prize? Can I negotiate any issues?
What happens if the prize is cancelled?
What should I bear in mind when a gallery or other intermediary takes interest in my work? What should I consider when someone offers to hold an exhibition of my work, represent me or take my work to an art fair? What important points should be negotiated? ¿Contract, commissions, exclusivity?
What should I take into account if it is a museum or art centre?
Good practice and codes and their implementation in the art sector. 

9th March 2016 → 10th March 2016