Organized by Alternatilla, the CineMix sessions updates the dialogue between two disciplines that, in the early films, were almost inseparable: live music and film projection. The sessions will be held on April 25, 13 May and 10 June at Es Baluard and the protagonists will be three great films, full of evocative images, that will have as partners three musical avant-garde performers.

The first film is Juha, by Finland's Aki Kaurismaki, which will be live music on April 25 by the Norwegian group Huntsville. The second session will arrive on May 13 with a screening of the celebrated The Adventures of Prince Achmed, one of the first animated films, directed by Lotte Reiniger in 1926, which will be live music by the French NLF3. Finally, on Thursday June 10, will arrive Vampyr, the film that in 1932 Carl Theodor Dreyer Danish dedicated to the myth of vampirism and one of the classics of silent cinema. The music will be then by Hauschka, alias of German pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann.

Joining film and concert becomes a very special experience. It recreates the images and place them before the viewer with new life, as if it was a return to the past, to the beginnings of film screenings with an accompanying musician. CineMix rescues, with the three sessions at Es Baluard, something that has been lost with the new formats both film and musical.

25th April 2010 →