The designer Claudia Liedtke shows her creations in "Disseny i Innovació a les Illes Balears"

  • Day: April, 11
  • Schedule: 18.00 pm
  • Place: Es Baluard Shop
  • Free entry activity

The designer Claudia Liedtke presents her creations in the display case of Es Baluard Shop, within the framework of the project «Disseny i Innovació a les Illes Balears». The fusion between jewelry and poetry is one of its main distinctive signs. The jewelery combines its technical and creative capacity, with its affinity towards literature: on the metal or under the stone you can read poems with which Liedkte marks his jewels. After the presentation, will be offered a guided tour in the museum.

Claudia Liedkte was born in Palma, but later moved to other countries. First with your family, then to develop your professional studies. In Hamburg he learned, together with his first teacher, to work with 22 ct gold, crystal and very old gems. This is where his passion for working with materials such as gold and knowledge of other ancient materials arises.

He obtained his first BAHns diploma, at Central St. Martin’s College of Art, and with a fellowship he started a three-month research project in Japan. When he returned to Europe he moved to Antwerp, where he studied a Master’s degree in art at the Sint Lucas College of Art. In 1995 he started his jewelry workshop in Munich. As a member of the German association of artisans he has organized fairs in cities such as New York, Munich and Frankfurt.

11th April 2018 → 11th April 2018