Presentation of the book "Artistic production in times of precarious work" by Juan Vicente Aliaga and Carmen Navarrete

  • Day: December 15, 2017
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Space: Auditori
  • Free activity

Es Baluard has invited the researcher Carmen Navarrete, co-author with Juan Vicente Aliaga of the book “Artistic production in times of precarious work” for the presentation in the museum.

The text emerges in a seminar organized by the Urban Space and Gender Technologies research group in the classrooms of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia, in which it was intended to reflect on the situation of artistic practice in times of general labor precariousness. Aware that capitalism today is largely based on the capture and valuation of intangible social production, the authors ask about the people who give body to this sector, for the reasons of putting their work and social mediation even in precarious conditions , and by the consequences in society of the flexible “work” model. It is in the work of the artist as creative that lies the basis of the slogans of current discourses on cultural work. However, the roots come from other times in which the romantic and bohemian image of the artist was forged. An image that still persists in the collective imagination and that favors the depoliticization of artistic and / or cultural work. The book has been made with the collaboration of the Indevol Group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Carmen Navarrete is intermittent artist and full-time professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia. His research focuses on the intersection between gender technologies and visual arts. His interest has also focused on the study of the relations between space and power, focusing on urban change strategies and their social transformations. He has published several articles, among others: “The city: a place to conquer for diversity” (IVAM, 2016); “Women in struggle. Annotations for a cartography of Valencian feminism “(with Ana Navarrete) (Tirant Humanidades, 2015); “The city as a battlefield” (Tirant Humanidades, 2013). As an artist, she has participated among other projects: Feminist Genealogies (MUSAC, 2012); In-out_House (UPV, 2012). He has co-edited with the research group Urban Space and Gender Technologies: Sex of the City (Tirant, 2013); Post-surveillance and control of subjectivities (EUPV, 2013) and Indomitable Subjects. A dissident cartography of the city of Valencia (Tirant, 2015).

15th December 2017 → 15th December 2017