Collecting and Patronage

“Collecting and Patronage" is a stable programme by Es Baluard, designed to promote actions related to collecting and different channels of sponsorship and patronage, as a meeting point open to heritage construction and the art ecosystem from the stance of civil society. Every year in the month of June, different events are held in connection to this, right at the beginning of the summer season in the Balearic Islands, and close to the dates of Art Basel.
Collecting is an act of love and of memory, a kind of closeness to, and investment in art which is sometimes an adventure many embark upon on the basis of intuition, whilst others do so driven by reason. Any investment in culture, as well as giving private pleasure, is a way of generating a society that is more aware of the heritage of its age, a commitment to the present and a legacy for the future.
This year the programme begins on 27th June at 11 am with a talk by Beatriz Niño of NIAL Art Law. The content of her talk will cover the issue of laws and taxes that affect collectors in Spain as well as tax breaks, deductions and benefits. Things collectors should know about the duties established by the regulations on Historic Heritage, copyright laws and taxes, deductions and benefits.
Afterwards a session will be held to analyse the problems and advantages of the construction of private collections. 

Beatriz Niño

Lawyer, partner and co-director of NIAL Art Law – a law firm which specialises in the art market. She consults for all the agents within the art sector, paying particular attention to the needs of collectors. Sponsoring partner and lawyer of the Asociación 9915 – an association of private contemporary art collectors. Lawyer of the Guild of Art Galleries of Catalonia. Member of the Contemporary Art Institute (IAC) and of PAIAM – Professional Advisors to the International Art Market. Professor of Legal Bases of Art at the University of Barcelona and invited by UNESCO Paris to take part, as an expert, in the meetings of the States Parties to the two most important conventions on the illicit trafficking of cultural property, in the year 2012. She has been interviewed by several different communications media and regularly contributes to specialist art and visual culture publications.

27th June 2015 → 27th June 2015