• Concha Jerez

Conference by Concha Jerez

The conceptual artist Concha Jerez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 1941) visits Es Baluard on Wednesday, April 5, at 6pm, where she will give a lecture on the occasion of the exhibition at the museum of her work Silencio, which is currently part of the exhibition “Permanent Collection”. Free entry.
The meeting will be divided into two parts: the artist will talk about her work Silencio, in the context of her artistic career, linked to the development of conceptual art in Spain, of which she is a pioneer. The creator will also offer a review of the evolution and articulation of conceptual languages at the state level.


She has been working professionally since 1973, focusing her work on the development of the concept of installation (site-specific), in large concrete spaces. Many of her works have an intermediary character, agglutinating diverse means and technologies. In the early 80’s she expanded her activity towards performance. The work of Concha Jerez has been exhibited by museums throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America. Throughout her work she has received numerous awards including the Gold Medal of Merit of the Fine Arts 2011, the MAV award 2012 or the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2015. She has also developed an intense research and teaching At the University of Salamanca.

5th April 2017 → 5th April 2017