• View of the exhibition hall «Toni Amengual. Flowers for Franco», Es Baluard Museu d’Art Contemporani de Palma, 2021. © Es Baluard Museu, 2021

Looking into the past to understand us in the present

Intergenerational workshop by Toni Amengual

Within the framework of the exhibition “Toni Amengual. Flowers for Franco”, a group of young people interested in the world of photography will attend a workshop led by the artist, together with a group of elderly people.

People attending this activity will be introduced to the exhibition and establish a dialogue with the artist and the different participating generations.

Throughout the session, historical memory will be addressed, as it is an issue embedded in Amengual’s project. The artist will conduct the session with a dialogical approach, establishing a conversation between the different generations to reflect on their diverse perceptions. A connection will also be established with other historical vectors that have constituted the identity of the different generations participating in the project. The workshop will end with a photographical and creative exercise in which both participating groups will work together.

This activity has been possible thanks to the collaboration of FotoRuanoPro.

23rd June 2021 → 23rd June 2021