• Pedro G. Romero, Los excéntricos, 2018. Single-channel video 6 ́57 ́ ́ / Digital file 6’57”. Courtesy of the artist.

Screening of Los excéntricos & La Pel·lícula by Pedro G. Romero

  • Day: September 7
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: Auditori
  • Free activity with previous registration
  • Duration: 95 minutes 

As part of the activities linked to the exhibition “A for Archipelago” by Pedro G. Romero, we will screen two films by the artist himself: Los excéntricos (2018) and La Pel·lícula (2005).

The first is a short film (6’57”) based on a scene from Deprisa, deprisa (1981), the cult film by Carlos Saura, when Valdelomar and his cronies visit the iconoclastic ruins of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Getafe, the magnetic center of Spain.

In the same session we will see La Pel·lícula (87′), an open reflection on Perros Callejeros films, which reels off the iconoclastic operations that enclose its frames. In 2005, Pedro G. Romero invited Paul B. Preciado, Marina Garcés, Marisa García, Valeria Bergalli, Deborah Fernández, Eva Serrats and Pamela Sepúlveda to see again the film Perros callejeros by José Antonio de la Loma (1976). With their voices, comments, speeches and recordings, he put together an alternative soundtrack that was “projected” together with the film on one of the balconies of La ciudad vacía, the labyrinth of scaffolding that housed a series of works from the Archivo F.X.* on Badia del Vallés , at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona. All this theatricality did not pursue anything other than to make those images speak: the violence of space in the modern city, the political response of marginal criminals, the productivism of the urban lumpen.

This double program will be presented by the journalist Laura Jurado.

*Archivo F.X.: La ciudad vacía. A project by Pedro G. Romero. An approach to the political construction of the modern city, destined to highlight the relationship that exists between the behaviors and forms of our community and the iconoclastic gesture. The backbone of this approach is the exhibition project Archivo F.X.: La ciudad vacía. Community. Three other complementary projects are articulated around this, Alrededores, Excéntrico y Subterráneo, which complement from different fields the vision on the construction of the modern project articulated in the Archivo F.X.

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7th September 2023 → 7th September 2023


Alarcón Criado gallery, Seville.