Art en pantalla:
Miguel Ángel Cajigal (El Barroquista)

Reading program

• Day: June 6
• Time: 7:00 p.m.
• Space: Bookshop
• Free activity with previous registration

Also known as El Barroquista on social networks, from where he maintains intense cultural communication, Cajigal has poured his disseminating and didactic passion into writing books to make the discipline of art historiography more accessible. In his essay Otra historia del arte. No pasa nada si no te gustan Las Meninas, it frees us from prejudices and gives arguments to a non-specialized general public to enjoy freely. In his talk, he will tell us about his other publications in which he also deals with architecture as Otra historia de la arquitecturaPor qué tu casa es mejor que Versalles.

Miguel Ángel Cajigal will also recommend reading titles that have been fundamental for him and that have been decisive in the gender perspective from art, such as Situar en la Historia. Women, Art and Society by Linda Nochlin and y Heroínas del espacio. Mujeres arquitectos en el movimiento moderno by Carmen Espegel, among others.

Art en pantalla (Art on Screen) is a public programme to promote the reading and dissemination of Art History from multiple perspectives, which also addresses the dissemination of artistic content on social networks and other digital platforms. This cycle features the presence of Eugenia Tenenbaum, Sara Rubayo, Jorge Carrión and Miguel Ángel Cajigal himself.

Miguel Ángel Cajigal Vera (El Barroquista) is an art historian. A specialist in heritage education and museums, he directs the Master in Education in Museums and Cultural Spaces at the Miguel de Cervantes European University. He collaborates in the historical dissemination program El condensador de fluzo, on La 2 on TVE, on Julia en la Onda on Onda Cero and in Galicia por Diante on Radio Galega, and communicates from digital platforms and social networks. He has published the books Otra Historia del Arte (2021) and Otra Historia de la Arquitectura (2023) with Ediciones B.

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6th June 2024 → 6th June 2024