• Gérard Courant, Ocaña, der Engel der in der Qual singt, 1979 (frame of video). Super 8 mm film transferred to vídeo. Mono, colour, sound. Timming: 10’ 6’’. Collection MACBA. Consorci MACBA

Conversation between Biel Mesquida and Luisa del Valle on the figure of Ocaña

  • Day: October 16 and 2018
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Space: Room floor
  • Free activity

Es Baluard presents, within the activities around the collection of the museum, a conversation between the writer Biel Mesquida and the goldsmith Luisa del Valle, personal friends of the artist and companions in their stays on the island. Both will share their testimony with the public to approach the work of José Pérez Ocaña, character and creator, performer and LGBTQ activist, who was also an icon of resistance of the Franco dictatorship during the Transition.

This artist is currently in the exhibition of the permanent collection of Es Baluard with the video work “Ocaña, der engel der in der qualsingt” by Gérard Courant made in 1979 and complements the Gender and Transgender line developed by the museum.

Colección Collection Gender Género Ocaña
16th October 2018 → 16th October 2018