Eduardo Kac

Lagoogleglyph II

Date: 2015

Technique: Google Earth work of art with a Lagoglyph printed on canvas installed on the roof of Es Baluard

Dimensions: 10 x 12 m approx.

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma, donated by the artist

Reg. no.: 987

Entry date: 2019

Not on display

The piece, located on the roof of Es Baluard, is the second large installation from the series of works the artist is producing called Lagoogleglifos. They are works created specifically to be viewed in Google Earth. His first experience of this kind was made on the roof of the Oi Futuro Art Center building in Rio de Janeiro. These installations are a variation of another series of works by Kac called Lagoglifos, a series of works that create a form of visual language which evolves from the artist’s genetically-modified work GFP Bunny, the famous rabbit, Alba. Both the Lagoglifos and the Lagoogleglifos are designed to serve as a counterpoint to the multitude of discourses generated globally as a result of his project with Alba, a first experiment with a living being. In this regard, as well as creating the first Bio Art works, even experimenting with himself, since the year 2000 Kac has been researching a visual language the signs of which do not produce meaning via conventional verbal logic, but emotional meaning, caused by purely visual elements; in other words, by articulating it in organised patterns through variation in size, rhythm and movement.


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