Within the frameworks of "Feim Films: Feim curts", they'll be screened these short films from the LADAT's (Unitat d’Animació i Tecnologies Audiovisuals de la Universitat de les Illes Balears) MAISCA Master:

Director: Isabel Díez
Length: 3'37''
Synopsis: A hungry dinosaur has no food because of his avarice.    

Director: Adrián Bajko
Length: 5'30''
Synopsis: During a metheorit rain, a man and a woman meet in an optic store to replace their broken glasses. When they change them, they see a reality dislike them prefering leave them and see what they like to: fireworks.

Jack the chicken 
Director: Gabriel Minguillón
Length: 5'40'' 
Synopsis: In a tetric butchery in a dark place, something's going to happen… A terrible murderer, hidden in the shade, watch the prey.

Director: Silvia García 
Length: 8'18''
Synopsis: Sometimes is hard to find the true love and requires to make a long way full of obstacles. Lolo tries to find it whatever it supposes.

La creación 
Director: Marc Hierro
Length: 6'14''
Synopsis: A god creates various versions of a man because its aim of protagonism.

Long last friendship 
Director: Tomeu Mulet 
Length: 4'47''
Synopsis: Chance makes two men meet again in a park after 65 years. The reunion, slightly showy, will make them live their childhood again.    
Director: Mario Escudero
Length: 9'33''
Synopsis: An old curse is recovered when a man buys a strange box containing an ancestral secret.
The unforgettable pianist
Director: Josep Antoni Ribas
Length: 6'46''
Synopsis: Enrique Mellier, a middle age renown French pianist, is going to give a concert in a theater when strange events happen: some objects disappear from the stage, shapes appear in unknown places, he finds in a library full of books strange books with his name written on and titles familiar to him. Events that make him reconsider the truth of space and time, making him to understand that he suffers a huge problem, mental illness.

Director: Javier Vilar
Length: 5'58''
Synopsis: Yakuwa is a child in an African village, that suffers the abuse of power, leaving him without his life and with just one option.  

Alone together 
Director: Jaime Soteras
Length: 6'15''
Synopsis: The love that a man feels for his family -so deep, so deep- that makes him lose for a moment the notion of reality.

It's not easy being me
Director: Sergio Prieto
Length: 2'07''
Synopsis: A poor wretch, abused by everybody, tries to change its fate.

A panel will be deliver after the screenings, with Jaime Juan Soteras, Javier Vilar, Isabel Díez and Adrián Bajko.

15th May 2013 → 15th May 2013