Sustainability from cultural projects

  • Day: January 22
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Place: Club Diario de Mallorca (Carrer Puerto Rico, 15, 07006 Palma)
  • Participants: the Director of Es Baluard, Nekane Aramburu, the permaculture and sustainability expert Marcos Tur and the artist Tatiana Sarasa.
  • Free entrance activity.

In its Fundamentals, Es Baluard defines the museum as a common good that must be a paradigm of respect for equality at all levels, as well as the rights of living beings in order to contribute to a more sustainable and solidary planet, maintaining the attention on environmental resources and ecology based on education in civic values, social commitment and committed culture. Attentive to the future of society, we want to contribute to networking and open source work based on transparency as an ethical principle.

Since 2013, Es Baluard has conceived a program of activities in this area and with the new strategic plan Es Baluard 2018 this philosophy of action has been intensified, of understanding life and culture with different agents and collaborators with whom it wishes to build and walk together.

«Paisatges sostenibles» (Sustainable Landscapes) of Es Baluard materializes in a series of activities related to art, ecology and sustainability that are part of the museum’s regular programming in line with its intention to create links between culture, environment and sustainable development.

In addition, the museum has set up an internal work group to become a sustainable museum.

Some of the lines we are focused on are:

  • Educate in the defense of the environment where we are, from the local to the global driving the Km0 and as a cultural complex the area we occupy in the city of Palma.
  • Implement measures to minimize our environmental impact.
  • To work in a network from the own staff of the museum with suppliers and collaborators respectful with the environment.
  • An improvement in the efficiency of resources applied to the operation of the building-equipment, exhibitions and activities.
  • Adapt to regulations and improve management in the control of waste and use of natural sources.
  • A content and activity programming that is aware of respect for human, animal and plant sustainability.

Marcos Tur

Born in Ibiza, he finished his studies in interior design in 1984. Since 1992 he discovers the bioconstruction and in 2001 he began his training in permaculture design, applying his principles from his professional office, “Ecodisseny”, with 26 years of experience in projects increasingly linked to ecological design, permaculture, bioclimatic, bioconstruction.

A part of her time has been dedicated to activism since she was GEA Coordinator in 1992, Permaculture Association of the Pitiusas Islands in 2005 and recently presides over the association Jesús en Transició.

Tatiana Sarasa

Resides in Palma de Mallorca since 1992, where he arrives on the island after graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Active in the artistic scene, she has participated in exhibitions in the Balearic Islands and abroad with her installations and artistic pieces.

In 2014 he decided to open his studio in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina to the public to share from “Open Studio 79”, his values and passion for the creation processes with fibers and natural dyes. Give visibility and share artisanal creation processes is the goal of this personal project, where art and crafts converge.

22nd January 2019 → 22nd January 2019

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